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Helpful Tips On Selecting Critical Factors Of Ultimatediving

Continue reading ? I got up and had a leisurely breakfast that consisted of an omelette, pastries and fruit which all tasted lovely. Our Lapproach to Group Diving Trips has won us some excellent feedback and we pride ourselves on being focused on getting the right trip for your group. You can check the availability and pricing options for all live aboard travel dates. It has everything for everyone and is especially popular amongst divers with the most major dive sites including the Harbour Wrecks accessible from shore. Retweet this to your followers? One of the aims of the app is to inspire you to try new destinations you may not have thought of previously. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. The James Dec Agaa is also worth a visit. This is a great way to save time and create your wish list. We pride ourselves on creating some of the finest itineraries in the market and our service speaks for itself, as shown by our customer feedback.

The swim through was everything it promised with sharks patrolling as silhouettes in the blue as we swam through the cavern, having watched a circling white tip shark in a side cave we pushed on to take in the smaller creatures, nudibranch the like of which I?d not seen before, moray eels and banded sea snake through to a scorpion fish, not even bothering to hide itself sat as plain as day on a boulder. Exotic Island Dive Resort for me is the essence of what the island is all about, education, safe respectful diving practices, great food and amazing company, if you?ve not been it should be at the top of your list for your next diving holiday, if you?ve already been, visit again, above and below the water the encounters are unforgettable.We headed up to a shallower area at 23m to continue the dive, another thresher shark came into view, much clearer, it certainly seemed brighter, the sun was rising and the clarity in the water was obvious, visibility was really good. Gato Island was another surprising dive spot, the sights here included a lot of soft corals, large boulder features, and some macro life I hadn?t expected. As the sun rose the moorings were deserted, other boats were on the way but the organisation for diving at the shoal appears to ensure it?s not diver soup under the water and the small groups have plenty of viewing places to go, it feels private and peaceful. Two sharks in one dive! It?s also their diversity, you see them all over but to see so many different species at Ubang Bato, it really shows the diversity of life in these Malapascua waters. Exotic Island Dive Resort are the oldest dive resort on the island and have extended its facilities in 2009 to include a spa, classrooms, new dive shop and equipment areas without noticeably changing its character becoming a fully grown PADI 5 Star IDC resort 5 paces from the beach.

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